5 Myths About Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet is here to stay. A reliable method of connectivity requiring minimal infrastructure appeals to individuals and businesses across the globe. However, the progress of this technology is being hampered by several myths:

1. Useful for rural deployments but not urban

Fixed wireless works well in both urban and rural environments. In rural areas, fixed wireless offers businesses the opportunity to experience high speed communications without the need to lay down fibre.

In built-up areas, wireless technology is simple to install whereas the setting up of a wired connection, such as fibre, involves disruption at street level. The latter is also a costly process helping to explain why fixed wireless is a viable alternative in both rural and urban locations.

2. Fixed wireless is less reliable than other methods of connectivity

False. Fixed wireless internet is more reliable than satellite and on a par with fibre connections.

One of the biggest differences between fixed wireless internet and satellite is the amount of latency – satellite involves the signal traveling from the dish on your roof to the satellite in space, then back down to the provider’s server and on to the Internet.

In contrast, fixed wireless involves a signal traveling from an antenna located at a nearby transmission site facilitating a much faster connection.

Wired broadband services can boast marginally greater reliability than fixed wireless but when considering other positive factors such as lower costs, greater flexibility and rapid installation, it is evident that fixed wireless is also a reliable method of connectivity.

3. Fixed wireless broadband is slower than wired connections

False. Fixed wireless internet is just as fast as a fibre connection. At only a fraction of the cost of most fibre connections, fixed wireless can reach similarly high speeds. It can be deployed with far less effort and once installed, customers can enjoy the same bandwidth as fibre internet.

4. Fixed wireless antennas buckle in bad weather

Fixed wireless antennas and supporting infrastructure can withstand the elements. Although it is impossible to guarantee that any connection, wired or otherwise, is safe from the worst of the weather, customers can rely on a fixed wireless connection to keep working through wind, rain, hail and more.

5. Fixed wireless is the same as satellite

While both satellite and fixed wireless require a dish or antenna to be installed on your roof, and both provide a high-speed internet connection without using phone lines or cables, there are obvious differences between the two.

Fixed wireless utilises a terrestrial connection i.e. the signal never goes up through the atmosphere, whereas satellite utilises an extra-terrestrial connection. This means that weather can interfere with the satellite signal, but fixed wireless will be unaffected. Related to this, latency or lag time is significantly shorter when using fixed wireless than with satellite internet due to the difference in distance that the signal must travel.

Fixed wireless is an excellent method of connectivity in both rural and urban areas. The “unwired” technology can be easily set up and comfortably scaled to meet the needs of your business. As service providers, such as Summit Internet, continue to expand their network, the reliability and quality of service will only continue to improve.

The Energy Alliance improves productivity with fast internet

Melbourne business The Energy Alliance has been connected in record time to Summit Internet’s high-speed fixed wireless in Mitcham this week. After suffering with slow, unreliable ADSL, SMB IT Professionals Member and IT Partner, Greg Collings at Computer Age Systems in Doncaster recommended a fixed wireless service from Summit Internet.

“Summit came to the rescue with a Managed 4G service to get the customer out of a pickle. It got them (The Energy Alliance) through a few days while their fixed wireless service was installed. The DSL would fluctuate from 12Mbps on a good day to less than a trickle on a bad day. It was proving impossible for them to run their business.” Greg Collings – Computer Age Systems

Fixed Wireless Mitcham

Happy Staff at The Energy Alliance with Fast Fixed Wireless Internet

“Summit came through with the goods when Telstra just threw their hands up and walked away. The building older and more difficult to work on, but the installers from Summit were persistent in getting us connected. We couldn’t be happier with our new fixed wireless internet service. It’s going to make a huge difference to productivity.” – Samantha Wallace – Business Manager, The Energy Alliance

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Doncaster Road speed limit increased!

Doncaster businessman Mark Henderson of Hazkem was struggling with ADSL and trying to use cloud applications like Google GSuite.

Internet was slow and unreliable. We looked at a Fibre solution for all of the tenants in our building, but the other tenants simply couldn’t make up their mind.

We contacted Summit and they offered us a connection to their fixed wireless service. Ordered on Tuesday, installed on Thursday. We couldn’t be happier with the service.
Mark Henderson, Director – Hazkem

Summit Internet are now servicing the Doncaster Road business corridor with fixed wireless. Tunstall Square, Mitcham, Donvale, Doncaster and Doncaster East now have access to a cost effective, high-speed, business grade service.

From just $99/Month, get connected to the high-speed Summit Fixed Wireless network. Our Guarantee – Installed in 10 Business Days or your 1st Month Free!

Mesh Telco selects Summit Internet for Wireless Broadband

Melbourne Internet Service Provider Mesh Telco has selected leading Wireless Carrier, Summit Internet, to provide high-speed, business grade wireless connections through a new wholesale agreement.

“Summit Internet are the clear leaders in fixed wireless internet. They have even built a new tower to service one of our customers.  They promised to us in 15 days and delivered and handed over in 13 days. We were truly amazed! They’re even delivering more than double the speed which our customer required. Summit Internet know wireless and made the whole process super easy for us.”
Mesh Telco CEO, Adam Delon

“We’re thrilled to have Mesh Telco onboard and to be able to offer them wholesale access to our leading fixed wireless network. It’s through relationships like we have with Mesh Telco that we get the feedback about where customers are really struggling with business grade internet services. We take the time to listen to the market and because of our agile build techniques and years of experience, we’re able to deploy high speed transmission sites quickly and cost effectively to be able to service our wholesale and direct customers. I’m really looking forward to working with the Mesh Telco team.”
Summit Internet CEO, Greg Lipschitz

If you’re a retail service provider looking for wholesale access to a business grade fixed wireless network, to please contact our team on 1300 049 749. We’d love to be able to boost your business with our great offering.

New coverage now available – Canterbury, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Surrey Hills

We’re always expanding our business grade fixed wireless network to where businesses need it most. This week we launch our coverage in Melbourne’s prestigious inner eastern suburbs of Camberwell, Canterbury, Surrey Hills and Hawthorn.

With service availability in business hubs including Canterbury Road, Riversdale Road, Mailing Road, Mont Albert Road, Union Road, Propect Hill Road and Balwyn Road.

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Summit Internet are the clear leader in fixed wireless internet for business.
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You asked, we delivered! High speed internet now available in Mitcham.

You’d think we don’t sleep at Summit Internet. This week we’ve delivered another fixed wireless tower to Mitcham in Melbourne’s East.
Now available to businesses in Rooks Road, Mitcham Road, Maroondah Highway and Norcal Road, you can experience speeds up to 100Mbps!
With reach to Ringwood, Nunawading, Blackburn and Forest Hill, we’re delivering today what the NBN isn’t.
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