Is your business ready for remote working?

With COVID19 isolations taking place, now is the time to be thinking about remote working. Impact to business is going to be huge so we’ve put together 6 ways to maintain business continuity.

Consider cloud applications to allow your staff to work from home.

Internet Connection – Accessing cloud applications requires good internet. With a range of internet services like NBN, 4G and Fixed Wireless, your staff can continue to work.

Chat & Collaboration – Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts are great way to keep the flow of conversation without clogging up your inbox.

Email & Files – Office 365 and Google for Work make accessing email and files easy.

Accounting – Platforms like Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks allow you to invoice and pay staff.

VPN – still running on premises applications? A Virtual Private Network will connect remote staff to internal systems.

Phone Calls – forward calls to mobiles or work from anywhere, on any device with a Cloud Phone System.

Summit Internet is the leader in Voice over IP Technology.
Our Cloud Phone System is COVID19 ready for your isolated workforce.
We have apps for iPhone and Android, PC & Mac. All you need is a headset and you’ll be making and receiving calls as if you’re at the office.

If you’re needing to make the move in a hurry, our Team can arrange to divert your current phone number. This will allow you to take advantage of all the features today, whilst your number moves.

We’re working around the clock to keep your business running and your staff safe.

To find out how we can help you, call our team on 1300 049 749.

Failover to fixed wireless

If your business has a high speed fibre connection then failing over to a slow connection can be a real productivity killer.

Enter fixed wireless broadband – a high speed, cost effective failover solution for fibre services.
Unlike fibre, fixed wireless offers your business a diverse path not affected by the cables in the ground or on power poles.

Summit Fixed Wireless

The Summit fixed wireless network is fed by a diverse fibre feed – this means that it’s even more reliable than a single fibre connection. If we lose a single fibre feed, we intelligently will route your traffic to another point within our extensive fixed wireless network to where we have other fibre backhaul.

With over 3Gbps of fibre backhaul just on our fixed wireless network alone, you’ll be guaranteed a fast connection every time.

To find our more about how you can add a cost effective fail over connection to your business, speak to us today on 1300 049 749.

The Energy Alliance improves productivity with fast internet

Melbourne business The Energy Alliance has been connected in record time to Summit Internet’s high-speed fixed wireless in Mitcham this week. After suffering with slow, unreliable ADSL, SMB IT Professionals Member and IT Partner, Greg Collings at Computer Age Systems in Doncaster recommended a fixed wireless service from Summit Internet.

“Summit came to the rescue with a Managed 4G service to get the customer out of a pickle. It got them (The Energy Alliance) through a few days while their fixed wireless service was installed. The DSL would fluctuate from 12Mbps on a good day to less than a trickle on a bad day. It was proving impossible for them to run their business.” Greg Collings – Computer Age Systems

Fixed Wireless Mitcham

Happy Staff at The Energy Alliance with Fast Fixed Wireless Internet

“Summit came through with the goods when Telstra just threw their hands up and walked away. The building older and more difficult to work on, but the installers from Summit were persistent in getting us connected. We couldn’t be happier with our new fixed wireless internet service. It’s going to make a huge difference to productivity.” – Samantha Wallace – Business Manager, The Energy Alliance

Fast internet connections in connected in under 10 days or your first month free, that’s our guarantee! Are you tired of slow internet and losing hours in your day. We’re here to help you. Call us on 1300 049 749.

Mesh Telco selects Summit Internet for Wireless Broadband

Melbourne Internet Service Provider Mesh Telco has selected leading Wireless Carrier, Summit Internet, to provide high-speed, business grade wireless connections through a new wholesale agreement.

“Summit Internet are the clear leaders in fixed wireless internet. They have even built a new tower to service one of our customers.  They promised to us in 15 days and delivered and handed over in 13 days. We were truly amazed! They’re even delivering more than double the speed which our customer required. Summit Internet know wireless and made the whole process super easy for us.”
Mesh Telco CEO, Adam Delon

“We’re thrilled to have Mesh Telco onboard and to be able to offer them wholesale access to our leading fixed wireless network. It’s through relationships like we have with Mesh Telco that we get the feedback about where customers are really struggling with business grade internet services. We take the time to listen to the market and because of our agile build techniques and years of experience, we’re able to deploy high speed transmission sites quickly and cost effectively to be able to service our wholesale and direct customers. I’m really looking forward to working with the Mesh Telco team.”
Summit Internet CEO, Greg Lipschitz

If you’re a retail service provider looking for wholesale access to a business grade fixed wireless network, to please contact our team on 1300 049 749. We’d love to be able to boost your business with our great offering.

The hidden costs of patchy Internet for your business

In 2018 every business needs access to a fast and reliable Internet service. This includes businesses of all sizes including those with multiple locations and employees who work remotely. Global data usage in business is rising every year, which means that the demand for bandwidth and fast Internet is only going to increase. Combine this data demand with the increasing uptake of cloud computing and CRM solutions, and it becomes clear that fast Internet speed and reliability is a must-have for any business to succeed.

The costs of not having a fast, reliable Internet service was highlighted recently in a Sydney Morning Herald article. While it highlighted the slow and patchy Internet issue for regional Australian businesses, this issue also affects businesses in cities and suburbs.

The results from a recent Xero survey of 1,000 small businesses in Australia revealed:

  • 48% of businesses struggled to reach and connect with new customers because of the unreliable and patchy phone and Internet connection
  • 70% of businesses say poor connectivity is hindering their efficiency and productivity
  • 62% of businesses believe poor Internet and phone connection affect the quality of customer service.

But according to Trent Innes, Managing Director of Xero, “despite poor connectivity, business owners are staying put, and reluctant to move in search of a better Internet.” If your business has patchy or slow Internet, there are 3 more additional hidden costs that you may not have considered.

  1. Reduced business profits
    Does your business rely on a CRM system to respond to customer inquires, collect leads and track sales? If your Internet is patchy or slow, it can affect the speed at which your website page loads. The speed at which consumers demand information now means that if your website doesn’t load in under 2 seconds, they will leave your site – perhaps going to your competitors.
  2. Increased frustration and stress for your employees
    When your employees arrive at work each day, they’re ready to complete their tasks. A slow or patchy Internet connection not only slows them down, but also can affect their morale and motivation.
  3. Reduced business productivity
    If your business has patchy or slow Internet, your employees will probably be spending a considerable amount of time waiting. Everyday work tasks like transferring files, waiting for attachments to load and web pages to open reduce productivity and can affect motivation. In 2013 a survey by Sandisk discovered the average employee wastes 1 week per year waiting on their company’s network to respond.

If your patchy and slow Internet is affecting your employees productivity and customer service, it may be time to consider an alternative provider. Find out how Summit business Internet plans and solutions can give your business fast, reliable Internet.

Ricketts Rd, Mt Waverley – we’ve got you covered!

Tucked in next to the South-Eastern Freeway is Ricketts Road, Mount Waverley.
A great location for your business with the Axxess Business Park, Gilby Road, Forster Road and Springvale Road all in close proximity.
One massive issue throughout Mount Waverley is the ability to get high-speed business grade internet.
Summit Internet to the rescue! We listen to all the enquiries we get from our customers and partners and build our network where it’s most needed.
Available from $199/month – fast business grade internet is not only affordable, but it’s available right now!
Clayton business owner Tim Nuttall of Access Hire is over the moon with his new service.
“We were very happy with the 50Mbps speed and extremely happy with the fast installation. We appreciate it.”
If you’re struggling with your internet, we’re here to help. Speak to one of our team on 1300 049 749 or click here to get connected!