Time to sell your fax machine on Antiques Roadshow

When was the last time you used your fax machine? Perhaps it’s time to sell your fax machine on Antiques Roadshow!

Wouldn’t life be easier if you could receive a fax as a PDF right in your email inbox? Would you rather send a fax from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps? How about sending a fax from iPad or iPhone!

Faxee is the answer to your faxing problems! Faxee was designed to make faxing easier for Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, the Finance Industry and really any industry which is still stuck in the dark ages and still requires to send a Fax. The great thing is that Faxee does it all without a fax machine.

How do I receive a fax with Faxee? Faxes will land in your email program such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps or Office 365 as an email with your fax as PDF attachment. This is great if you need to forward the fax to a colleague or save a fax to your line of business application, file server or cloud storage.

How do I send a fax from email? Simply attach your PDF to your email and send to the fax number. The recipient will receive it as a normal fax.

Can I keep my fax number with FaxeeAbsolutely! Transfer your current fax number to Faxee and start faxing from email within minutes!

Who is Faxee good For?

  • Accountants running Solution6, MYOB AE, Xero Workflow Max and Sage HaniSoft.
  • Lawyers running LEAP, Open Practice, Affinity and FilePro.
  • Finance Brokers who need to fax settlement documents to the bank.
  • Insurance Brokers who need to lodge policy documents to the insurers.
  • Doctors & Dentists running Medical Director, Oasis, Best Practice, Mediclinic and Zedmed.

Faxee also offers a cloud console to view previous sent and received faxes as well as being able to send from the cloud console.

To find out more about Faxee visit faxee.com.au or call us on 1300 049 749.