L2 Intercapital Transit

High Speed, Point to Point, Dedicated Backhaul


Summit offers high-speed, Layer2 Point to Point ethernet connectivity between your offices or datacentres within Australia.

Our dedicated intercapital fibre network provides your business with a point to point ethernet solution with guaranteed bandwidth, latency and end to end control.

Delivered across our high-speed national MPLS network, Summit is committed to supplying nothing less than the highest quality with redundant fibre path, redundant interconnect and redundant carriers, our solution will keep your offices and datacentres connected.

Connected Datacentres

Order point to point intercap services between our on-net datacentres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

NextDC M1 – Melbourne, Australia
Equinix ME1 – Melbourne, Australia
NextDC S1 – Sydney, Australia
Equinix SY1, SY2, SY3 & SY4 – Sydney, Australia
NextDC B1 – Brisbane, Australia
NextDC P1 – Perth, Australia

Virtual Cross Connect

Available via MegaPort VXC
Available via IX Australia VLL
Available via Metro Ethernet Crossconnect




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