Tired of calendar ping pong? There’s a better way

For years, we’ve all played the game of calendar ping pong. It usually goes something like this;
“Hey John, when are you free for a meeting?”
“Hey Greg, I’m free on Monday between 1 and 3, Tuesday at 10 for an hour or, Friday any time”
“Hey Greg, Actually, No, I’m only available after 11 on Friday”
“Hey John, Let’s lock in Tuesday at 10” “Hey Greg, Sorry, I’m already booked there now, how about another time”
This look familiar? It sure does to me as this is how I used to work playing ping pong diary with customers, suppliers and our partners. Not only was it unproductive, but it was damn frustrating too!
Enter Calendly – this application has actually changed my life!
Now, I don’t usually make a bold claim like that, but it has.
Scheduling meetings now is easy! Send a link and you can see my availability and select a time and book. It integrates to my Office 365 and allows the person booking to cancel and reschedule at the click of a button.
So, what does this calendar goodness cost? A whopping $8 a month! Yep. That’s it.

How does it work?

Step 1 Sign up for your free trial and link it to your Office 365 or Google Apps for Work account. This will allow Calendly access to view and write to your calendar.
Step 2 – Define your meeting types. By default, Calendly gives you a few meetings, 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes and 60 Minutes. I’ve customised mine a bit to make it more defined
  • Phone Call – Sends the contact my direct phone number and a Zoom Meeting ID
  • Lunch Meeting – Allows the contact to request a lunch meeting between 12pm and 2pm and only 1 per day.
  • I blocked out times where I’m not taking face to face meetings such as when I’m working from home.
  • Built in buffer times so that it won’t allow bookings back to back to allow for travel and breaks.
Step 3 – send out your Calendly link and start booking meetings.
Yep – It’s that easy and there’s a free trial to get you started. AWESOME!
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