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I’ve spent a lot of time speaking to business owners about the impact of slow internet on their business. It amazes me when business owners tell me that “there’s nothing better available”, “we come in on the weekend to get the work done” or “we can’t afford it”.
Time is the one resource that is more precious than any other.
Did you realise that losing 20 minutes of productivity a day equates to 3 days a year. Time that you’ll never get back in your life.
Now, when we look at the compounding effect of this lost time and money on your business
  • Team of 5 = 15 Days a Year or $2,194 in Wages
  • Team of 10 = 30 Days a Year or $4,389 Wages
  • Team of 20 = 60 Days a Year or $8,779 Wages
  • Team of 50 = 150 Days a Year or $21,948 in Wages
*Wage data based on the Fairwork minimum wage of $18.29/Hr
Of course I haven’t even started to calculate the impact on
  • Staff Happiness
  • Job Efficiency & Productivity
  • Technology Improvements and Savings
  • Increase in revenue due to increased productivity
  • Decrease in staff wage costs due to increase in productivity
  • and the list goes on….
So what has Summit done to address this?
We’ve rolled out our next generation fixed wireless network in Melbourne. We’ve started with areas which are the most affected by internet problems. Areas include Braeside, Moorabbin Airport, Dingley Village, Rowville, Ferntree Gully, Mont Waverley, Glen Waverley and Dandenong South, to name a few.
For less than a cup of coffee a day, your business can have High-Speed, Business Grade Internet! Imagine that!
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