Summit Internet Delivering What NBN Can’t – High speed business internet for Braeside

Businesses in a notorious internet connectivity black spot in the Melbourne suburb of Braeside now have fast and reliable web access – and without the NBN.

The improvement is a result of Summit Internet’s new fixed wireless broadband tower installed on top of a commercial building in Braeside.

Summit Internet CEO Greg Lipschitz says his team has been busy connecting businesses to the service since the new tower went live earlier this month.

“Many businesses in this area were battling poor connectivity previously; so this represents a very welcome and positive change for local Braeside businesses,” he said.

Local businessman Gerrard Lowe of Lowe Financial says “Summit have been excellent to deal with. Our whole office is very happy with the new faster internet service.”

Businesses in Braeside haven’t been alone in their internet issues. A recent survey of more than 1,000 small businesses across Australia found a majority of respondents were experiencing negative impacts on their efficiency and productivity as a result of poor broadband services.

While issues relating to speed and reliability are more prominent in regional and rural Australia, metropolitan black spots such as the one in Braeside aren’t uncommon.

“Summit Internet is stepping in to fill these service gaps in metropolitan areas where viable,” said Mr. Lipschitz.
“We run fibre to a suitable building in the general area, then use our robust wireless technology to deliver a top quality service to other premises.”

Mr. Lipschitz stated what his company offers isn’t just a band-aid or workaround, it’s a fully-tested commercial-strength solution.

“Summit Internet is able to offer businesses cost-effective unlimited data plans with fast, reliable speeds plus access to the latest VoIP Hosted PBX solution.”

With fast internet now a critical service for businesses, Mr. Lipschitz says Summit Internet are leading the way in turning on high-speed and highly reliable broadband for business in Melbourne’s most affected suburbs.

With plans to add another 3 base stations before Christmas 2017, Summit Internet is set to be the leader in wireless broadband telecommunications.

Businesses and commercial building developers in metropolitan areas throughout Australia interested in learning more about Summit Internet’s business connectivity solutions can contact us on 1300 049 749.