Performance and Cost Benefits of VoIP Telephone Services

Once the VoIP system entered the market, it showcased a wide range of features that made it a lucrative switch from PSTN systems. However, as with every new technology, not everything is stable from the mere start, which made businesses doubt this new technology. However, as the years have passed, this technology has aged like wine, only becoming increasingly superior to PSTN systems.

Therefore, if you are thinking about moving to VoIP systems, no matter if you are a small or big business, the following facts will show you why you should definitely go for it.

It is cost effective

One of the biggest advantages this system brings to the table it cost-efficiency. This is due to the fact that all of the data is actually driven across the internet protocol, which is a cheaper way of transferring data. This allows VoIP services providers to:

  • Deliver services at lower fees – The main problem with phone systems used to be the cost. Yes, you could reach out to a person no matter where he or she is, as long as you knew their number. Now, with only a click, you can get in touch with anyone, no matter where they are, but for only a couple of cents. Phone bills used to be a problem, whereas now, as your business grows, the rise in costs will practically be unnoticeable.
  • Free internal calls – Using a VoIP system enables a business to establish an internal network where employees can communicate for free, no matter where they are. This was practically impossible with PSTN systems and it is a great way to significantly lower costs, especially when the business grows and includes thousands of employees globally.

Cost efficiency is important for every business for a variety of business tasks. As communication is always necessary, cutting costs on it is seriously important for future business expenditures.

Scalability and flexibility

One of the benefits of VoIP system hides behind its incredible ability of easily change over time. Okay, your business has started of with 2 employees. Now, a year later, you are sitting with 50 employees and are still growing.

Adding telephones like this was limited as each line required physical changes made to the system. However, with a VoIP platform, adding new users is much easier and practically limitless. Scalability is very important, as your business is likely to grow over time and you want to be in a position to work on a platform that allows easy expansion.

Also, moving your employee’s position in the office without changing their phone number is also easy. As their phones have unique mac addresses, he or she should only bring a phone with them and plug it in the system; it will automatically register their device and all its properties.

The easy flexibility and scalability of the VoIP system is yet another benefit and it shows how advanced this technology is in comparison to PSTN systems.

Integration with software tools

As we are talking about the Internet protocol, you are going to use a client on your PC or Smartphone for communicating with your clients, colleagues, and customers. This is where things become interesting. The communication client can capture significant types of data and it can be integrated with different types of software tools such as CRMs, which can allow you to analyse the collected data for future reference.

This is especially important for enterprise businesses, as the amount of data can clearly show future behaviors of employees and customers.


Internet is now everywhere, which means that VoIP is now anywhere as well. All you have to do is have the client installed on your device that is connected to the internet, and you are ready to make calls, leave voicemails, organise conferences, and send messages to your colleagues.

This was impossible in the past because of the PSTN network limitations. Therefore, if you want to work a network that will provide you with more mobility, you should definitely choose VoIP.

Perfect for centralising customer support

With the PSTN networks, having a customer support number required different area codes for different geographical locations. This type of approach can be confusing for the customers, as they would have to do a research to find the right customer support number.

Luckily, this issue is easily resolved, as you can use a single phone number code nationally. This means that, no matter where you customer is calling from, he can reach you through a single number.

Also, your customers will more easily remember a single phone number, than several of them, making it easier for your customers to reach you.

Stability and call quality

As technology has matured over the past couple of years, VoIP call quality and stability has significantly improved. The quality is far superior to that of the PSTN system. Also, as long as you are connected to a good internet connection, all of the communication is stable, no matter the distance between you and the person you are talking to is.

Call quality does not only include voice, you can also go for video conferences with your colleagues, making it a great way to be present in a meeting if you are not able to come. This also significantly saves costs, as the VoIP system can help you cut down employee travel costs.

Moving to VoIP is the best decision you can possibly make, as the performance of this platform is far superior to what other technologies have to offer. This technology is only going to evolve in the future, allowing it to become cheaper and more powerful, allowing people to easily communicate with each other.