Breaking Bad. Why you need to make the right choice for your business.

The National Broadband Network is rolling out quickly with the introduction of the Multi-Technology Mix. Making the right choice for your business internet connection is now more important than ever.

So, is the NBN the Walter White [right] choice for my business?

If your business relies on online services to operate, then the NBN is not a suitable choice. NBN has no service level agreement. This means that if your internet service is disrupted, there is no guarantee when it will be repaired. You will also not be able to request a rebate for the time your service is offline.

What’s the difference between a NBN connection and a Business Grade Fibre Service?

Business grade internet services are designed with business in mind. 
  • Low contention ratios – a guarantee of bandwidth throughput on your service.
  • Service Level Agreement – a guarantee of fault restoration and repair times.
  • Server Level Rebates – a financial rebate if the Service Level Agreement is not met.
  • Business Only Networks – data networks designed for business use.
  • Local Support – support on shore in Australia.
  • Monitoring – network operations centre watching and monitoring the availability of your service.

What downtime can your business afford?

Internet downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars. This is why skimping on an internet connection is not worth it.
  • 5 Staff Unable to Work for 8 Hours – $1,400
  • 12 Staff Unable to Work for 12 Hours – $5,040
  • 30 Staff Unable to Work for 16 Hours – $16,800

So, why is the NBN so cheap?

It’s cheap because it’s designed for the Jesse Pinkman home market. If your kids can’t get the latest episode of Game of Thrones or post a picture of spaghetti bolognese to Insta, it’s probably not going to lose anyone any money (Other than the kids for not doing their chores).
  • High contention ratios – no guarantee of bandwidth throughput on your service. Service slow downs when all the kids get home at 3pm and start watching Netflix.
  • No Service Level Agreement – No guarantee of fault restoration and repair times. We have seen services take 16 weeks for restoration.
  • No Server Level Rebates – No financial rebate. You get what you pay for. Cheap and cheerful means you get what you pay for.
  • Offshore Support – With such slim margins, support on shore is expensive in Australia.
  • No Monitoring – No uptime monitoring of your service. No SLA means there’s no reason to make sure it’s monitored.
Summit offers business internet connections from $440 per month. There’s no reason to risk your business to the National Broadband Network. Check your address to see what high speed internet connection is available for your business.