The Advantages of Cloud Based Telephone Systems

You probably heard a lot about various cloud based systems recently. This is a hot topic because various businesses have realised how beneficial cloud systems can actually be. On-site software solutions and systems are a thing of the past and the cloud is the new must have.

In the past, businesses relied on base telephone systems for their telecommunication needs, but the introduction of cloud-based systems quickly threw them off the market. Even the vendors who offer these systems have recognised this and now, less and less of them offer on-site telephone systems because the demand is simply falling down. Everyone is upgrading their phone systems and you should too.

The cloud is definitely the future, no matter if we are talking about telephone systems, project management systems, or any other business solution companies rely on to improve their daily operations. In this post, I will talk about the clear advantage cloud based telephone systems offer and why all businesses should choose them over traditional telephone systems.

So, let’s start from the top.

Which BUSINESSES need cloud telephone systems?

No matter if your business is small, midsize or a large corporation, the fact that cloud telephone systems save on IT resources is beneficial to any organisation. All businesses are looking to improve their efficiency and invest the extra money into business incentives that can bring more revenue.

The reasons why cloud based telephone systems are less expensive is because of the sheer fact that they are managed and hosted by a third party – the provider. Although all businesses can benefit from the cloud, these systems are most popular with small businesses with limited resources that cannot afford a separate IT department to take care of their needs.

On the other hand, both mid sized businesses and corporations use these solutions not just because they cut costs, but because they can help them improve their efficiency, reduce downtime, improve processes, and they can fit in better into their whole business strategies.

Improved mobility and usability

Modern businesses need to be flexible. Businesses are not tied to one location and they need to be able to operate from multiple locations and that’s what cloud telephones allow them to do.

Cloud based telephone systems are very mobile and an organisation that implements them offers their employees the ability to access and use all of its features no matter where they are located. Employees can simply log into the system while they are on the go and reach other co workers, or make themselves reachable.

This is how a business will have greater control of customer, collaboration, and production related issues. It is always better to tackle all problems immediately as they arise and with zero downtime. Simply put, the communication channel will always be open and available to everyone within the system.

Better customer service


All cloud based telephone systems have features called auto attendant and virtual receptionist and they allow businesses to quickly redirect all calls to designated departments. Organisations can also customise greeting messages specific to designated departments and respond to the right people the right way.

A cloud system has the power to improve the customer experience and help a business engage with its customers to the fullest by addressing various key points. For example, this kind of system can send automated messages to people to remind them of their payment obligations.

An advanced method of using this kind of system is to integrate it with a customer relationship management system where managers can get valuable insights, notice trends, and improve their approach towards customers. They can then advise salespeople and customer support departments to adjust the way they do their work.


Given the fact that cloud based telephone systems are managed and maintained by the vendor, the services a business pays for are the ones it actually uses. So what does this mean? For example, if you have 5 employees using this system, you will get have to pay for those 5 users and nothing more. The issue with traditional systems is that it was very difficult to add an additional user or two.

This issue has been completely removed, given the fact that cloud systems allow organisations to quickly and easily add more users according to their needs. This means that these clouds based telephone systems can easily keep up with the growth of the whole business and its needs.

This is why small businesses that grow rapidly and change things constantly love cloud systems. The process is quite simple and there is no need to wait for your IT department staff to work for weeks on adding phone lines, phones, or transferring data. Everything remains the same, while the number of users can change.

Greater reliability


Businesses as a whole need to be reliable in every way. This means that they have to deliver what they promise, always, period. This is how they stay competitive and get ahead of their competition. Customers know to appreciate when they get what they were promised.

For example, in case of a power outage, no messages or communication will come through and people will assume that your website or mail are dead. Employees will not be able to communicate with each other. You might appear like you are out of business and this is something no organisation can afford.

With cloud based phones, this is not a problem, as they will always remain operational. On top of that, your provider will maintain your server and make sure that everything is working 24/7; however, it’s a good idea to do some research and find a reliable vendor.


Always remember that a phone system is a very important cog in your whole business and its operations, both internally and externally. It allows communication among employees and with customers. Both of these things matter and that’s why you need to seek good solutions that can make communication flawless.