5 Reasons Why Inadequate Internet Speed Can Ruin Your Business

No matter what type of business you are running, staying connected and using a reliable internet network is a must. If you are having problems with your current internet connection, you should seriously consider upgrading to a better option, one that will provide you with maximal stability.

Let’s take a look at a couple of reasons why bad internet speed can impede or even ruin your business.

Less productivity

The first thing that gets hit by slow internet speed is the overall business productivity. The majority of tasks within a business environment are now finished over the internet. No matter what company you are working for, your team certainly relies on a cloud solution that helps you more easily collaborate.

Slow internet means that you are going to struggle with upload and download times. Owing to the fact that all of the documentation is online, chances are that you are going to lose hours with the usual daily tasks, as syncing with the cloud will take more time.

The overall result? Drastically reduced productivity, as your team has to wait for the documentation to upload in order to continue working on the next task. Things get even more complicated if you are working with a remote employee over an unstable internet connection. Simple tasks that can take minutes unnecessarily turn into hours of work.

Missing deadlines

From the moment your business starts working with other clients, you will need to make promises that you will deliver your product or your service in a particular time frame. Meeting deadlines and respecting what you have promised is a powerful foundation for building a respectable, trustworthy and professional business. Building this reputation takes a lot of time, but if you are working with inadequate speed, you will start missing those deadlines.

This is why here at Summit Internet, we provide our clients with reliable and high speed internet solutions. To make sure that you are going to save as much time as possible, it is best to rely on internet connectivity that can deliver high bandwidth for your whole company.

With a bad internet connection, you are going to start missing your deadlines sooner or later, making your whole business untrustable. This will cause an increasing number of clients to get away from your company, and finding new ones will become much more challenging. In order to avoid this scenario from happening, it is best to rely on a high speed internet network that will help you easily transfer business data and also save time for your business.

Getting more done for the same amount of time is a principle that all companies try to respect, and a high speed internet network is one of the best ways to succeed.

Direct loss of revenue

There are specific cases in which having a reliable and fast internet connection are crucial for business growth. Many online stores choose to host their websites on a service provider server, but in order to have all of the control, sooner or later, this system needs to be transferred in-house. Simply take a look at Amazon, an online store that is one of the best server space providers globally.

These are the moments when it is absolutely necessary that you have a flawless internet connection, as having your website down for only a minute can cause thousands, if not millions lost in revenue, depending on the size of your business.

This is something that a business cannot afford, because not only does it lose sales, but the customers are also more likely to head over to the competition and continue doing business with them. Therefore, besides facing a direct financial loss, you are more likely to lose your customers as well.

Slow business growth

Gone are the times when creating a single business and running it was enough. In order to stay competitive in the market today, it is necessary to create a strategy that will allow you to grow every year and squeeze out your competition. The last thing you want to happen is a big business popping up in your town offering more competitive prices, simply because they scaled at the right time.

This whole process of business growth can be significantly slowed down by a slow internet connection. As already mentioned, the negative impact on team productivity, meeting deadlines and keeping customers is going to impact not only your growth rate, but also limit your potential for any growth at all.

Communication issues

Video conferencing can be used to effectively lower the expenses a business has. But, with an inadequate internet speed, this type of communication turns into a challenge and a waste of time.

Another part of communication revolves around customer support. Having a good internet connection allows you to flawlessly communicate with your customers, as you are able to immediately respond to their requests.

This is one of the business tasks where you really don’t want to be late, as other businesses will try to outperform you, making it easier for the customer to give their trust to someone else. Therefore, if you want your customer service to be able to respond to numerous challenges, having a high speed internet connection will help greatly.

All this shows how important a role a fast and reliable internet connection plays in all types of businesses. It is a foundation that enables company teams to remain relaxed, productive and efficient. Having a slow internet connection will directly affect the mood in your company, as employees are going to be nervous during their work hours, which is also going to impede their productivity.

Therefore, make sure that you are going to use a high speed internet connection from the moment you start your business. It will create a pleasant work environment in which employees are going to stay focused on doing the best work they can.