3 reasons why your business needs to use a cloud phone solution

If your business uses PSTN or ISDN for its phone system, it’s time to consider a more efficient and cost effective business phone system. Did you know that no matter how small or big your business is, a cloud based phone system may be a better option?

In 2014, the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) reported that cloud services are increasingly popular with small and midsized businesses

But like anything business telecommunications, it can feel confusing. So here’s the facts about cloud based phone systems for business.

  1. A cloud based phone system can save your business money
    For the last few years, cloud based phone systems have been heralded as the ‘white knight’ of business communications. But outside of all the headlines and hype, it’s important to know how a cloud based phone system can save your business money.

    Because a cloud based phone system doesn’t use traditional phone lines, there are no line rental fees – making it more cost effective than traditional landlines. And with no need for expensive outlays on PBX systems, the cost savings continue!

    When you combine the cost savings with efficient call functionality that’s delivered through the cloud, is it any wonder that cloud based phone systems for business is increasing in popularity?

  2. PSTN and ISDN will be phased out soon
    Did you know that as the NBN network is driving a switch from copper based voice services to services that run over data and broadband services, PSTN and ISDN will be phased out over the next 2-4 years?

    This means that business who use traditional PSTN and ISDN will be forced into switching to different VoIP based voice services. And if your business has legacy PBX hardware it will need to be replaced so your PBX system is compatible with a cloud based phone solution or IP based voice services.

    Summit Business Cloud Phone Solution eliminates the need to purchase and maintain PBX hardware. And with business-grade call features and no central hardware, your phones can be connected at any location and unified into an organisation-wide phone service.

    Got a business with multiple offices or have employees who work remotely? Talk to our friendly and helpful Summit Internet Consultants and find out how our virtual PBX can benefit you. Call us 1300 049 749 today.

  3. When your business grows, it’s quick and easy to add more phone lines and functionality with a cloud based phone system
    Our cloud based phone systems offer functionality and options for businesses that want to cut costs while getting the best features available. From a start-up with a two-line cloud based system to a business that is growing and has multiple locations. Our cloud based phone systems easily and efficiently grows with you.

Get the best business cloud phone solution in Australia – Summit Internet Business Cloud Phone Solution benefits include:

  • NBN compatible
  • No more expensive line rental
  • Locally based customer support
  • Free on-net calls between sites
  • Multi-site networking becomes simple
  • Savings on your phone bill
  • One number for multiple devices including iPhone, Android, Mac and PC

And with Summit’s FlexPBX Max, your business phone cloud technology will always work for you. Say goodbye to expensive repair bills and frustrating overseas call centres. If any of your handsets or equipment suffers a failure, we’ll replace it at no additional cost to your business.

Call our friendly and helpful Summit Team Members on 1300 049 749 today.