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Summit offers access to Telephone solutions on traditional Telstra PSTN and Telstra ISDN platforms, as well as VoIP (Voice over IP), FoIP (Fax over IP), Inbound 1300/13/1800 and Hosted PBX all at extremely competitive prices and even better when bundled with our Internet and IP VPN Private Network Services.


Telstra PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the traditional analogue phone system, commonly used in businesses around Australia. PSTN runs on copper pair cables into your building. PSTN is often used for ADSL, Fax Lines and Alarm Systems.


Telstra’s ISDN digital phone line system is a total solution for delivering high-speed, digital communications to your business.


High quality, high availability, voice termination at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephony.
VoIP is a great way to reduce call costs in your business and can replace traditional PSTN and ISDN services.

Integrate VoIP into your existing Digital or Analogue Telephone System or move to a Voice over IP Phone System or Hosted IP PBX.

Inbound (1300/1800)

Inbound 1300/1800 numbers give a consistent point of contact, and saves on marketing costs by using the same number in many forms of advertising. Customers can contact you from a fixed line or mobile anywhere in Australia and your 1300 or 1800 number can land on your Office Phone or Mobile Phone.

1300 and 1800 numbers give businesses a National presence as there is no Local Area Code.

Hosted PBX

Want a new phone system without the overheads? A hosted phone system is a great way to pay as you go. With all the features of a traditional on premises phone system and more, a hosted PBX gives you the flexibility of being able to have multiple offices all using the one virtual phone system, remote workers working in multiple locations and even using a mobile phone as an office phone.

FlexPBX is our hosted phone system – read more about our Hosted Phone System.


What is PSTN?

PSTN is the traditional “land line” phone used in business who only require 1 or 2 phone lines, for small phone systems, ADSL services, Fax Machines and Alarm Systems.



What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over IP is the latest in digital communications allowing you to utilise the internet or IP (Internet Protocol) to send voice to the carrier network.

VoIP can replace traditional PSTN, ISDN2 and Primary Rate ISDN Services such as ISDN10, ISDN20 and ISDN30 with significant cost reductions on both line rental and call charges.



What is ISDN?

ISDN is the Digital Telephone Line commonly used with Telephone Systems of PABX Systems. ISDN is available as ISDN2 (Basic Rate ISDN) or ISDN10, ISDN20 or ISDN30 (Primary Rate ISDN).


Inbound (1300/1800)

Inbound numbers

Inbound numbers are a great way to gain a national presence and use a single number across your company regardless of the location.

Inbound numbers can route to a single answerpoint or a different answerpoint based on location. This can be very useful for National companies or Companies which have presence in multiple states.


Flex Hosted PBX

Simple, easy telephony with no contracts and no commitments, customisable to your business from $10 per month.

Why is flexpbx so flexible?

Traditional phone companies make business phone systems and call charges difficult to understand & inflexible with long contracts & complicated propriety hardware. At flexpbx, we’re taking the complications out of telephony and making it easy to understand, easy to use and most of all flexible.

Features & benefits

  • Web based Management GUI
  • Multi-level IVR / Auto Attendants
  • Inbound and Outbound Conferences
  • Schedule based inbound call routing
  • Ring Groups
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Recording
  • Call Forwarding

Find out more at flexpbx.com.au

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