COVID-19 is clearly changing the way we look at the world. While the growth of cases is starting to be exponential, it is clear that the actions we take now can directly reduce the rate of infection, and in doing so deliver a number of positive outcomes for our community.

Working from home

The Summit Internet Team will be moving to a work from home model to ensure we are keeping our Staff, their Families and our Customers as safe as possible, acting socially responsibly and practicing Social Distancing and Isolation. We will act in line with Government and the World Health Organisation recommendations as to when we return to work together as a Team.

Helping you stay connected

We understand that many businesses are going to be interrupted and displaced over the next few months.

To assist you and your Team to stay connected, Summit Internet will be offering all customers the option of a Softphone Client.

  • FlexPBX Max Customers at no cost for up to 120 Days
  • FlexPBX PAYG Customers at a 50% discount for up to 120 Days

To take advantage of this offer, please visit the link below so that we can accommodate your request.

If you are not currently using Summit Internet for your Telephone Solution, but wish to take advantage of working from home, please contact our Sales Team who will be able to assist you.

Technical Support

It would be helpful to us if you can submit support requests by email ([email protected]) rather than by phone.

While we do not anticipate substantial disruption, we are aware that the change to work circumstances may impact our phone answering times.


We will be cancelling any non-essential face-to-face meetings and will in most situations not attend any face to face events. Where possible meetings and events will be rescheduled or held using solutions such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Site Visits

We will continue to perform site visits as necessary. If we are required to attend your site, we will be asking you prior to attending to confirm that:

  • there are no individuals who have travelled internationally within the last 14 days present, and
  • there are no signs of respiratory illness (cough, fever, sore throat).

If either of these criteria are not met, we will not be able to attend site in most cases. Exemptions may be made on a case by case basis after a risk assessment has been conducted.

We will be requiring any of our staff who present with cold or flu like symptoms to avoid site visits and reassign workloads. We will continue to reassess this policy as new information becomes available.

Stock receiving and dispatch

We have made arrangements for receiving and dispatching stock. We will continue to be able to receive deliveries at our office.

We have implemented appropriate hygiene control measures and our staff will work with our customers for any requirements they have.

New orders

COVID-19 has placed heavy disruptions on the supply chain. There is a shortage of critical components with equipment lead times pushed out due to the current global disruptions to manufacturing and freight.

We have worked with our supply chain partners to ensure we have adequate stock in our Warehouse of Telephone Handsets & Accessories, Networking Equipment and Fixed Wireless Equipment to be able to serve you as best we can.

Project deployments

Customers with critical equipment deployment timeframes should consider purchasing as soon as possible to ensure they can be met. In addition, the Federal Government stimulus changes to asset depreciation laws may offer some substantial tax benefits to you as well this financial year.

Network upgrades and changes

Some of our customers have contacted us about bandwidth upgrades for their offices with more staff working remotely. We are working to expedite these requests wherever possible, however there is currently a provisioning backlog. Some customers on lower bandwidth links have been able to achieve cost savings by increasing bandwidth to larger links due to changes in pricing models.

At this stage, we are not implementing an embargo, however, we expect that as workforce situations change with Carriers and Partners, we may have to implement one in the future.

We will still be able to provision new orders and upgrades – but some planned capacity upgrades and systems improvements will be delayed until it is clear we can adequately resource and respond to any issues. Certain topology or service changes may be impacted by this, and we will communicate with any customers directly affected.

We will continue to respond to critical incidents, outages or emergencies as is required, and will be able to work to planned deployment schedules; although timelines may be impacted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you in any way we can.

Summit Internet Contact Details

Phone: 1300 049 749

Sales – Option 1
[email protected]

Support – Option 2
[email protected]

Accounts – Option 3
[email protected]

Service Delivery – Option 4
[email protected]

I am confident that we will as a community find ways to come through this together as a better and more resilient society. At the same time the precautions we take today will result in our society being able to deliver a sensible and manageable response to this pandemic; and that it will be sufficient and adequate to ensure we can continue to care for those who are affected by coronavirus or other health conditions.

To your business success,

Greg Lipschitz
Founder & CEO
Summit Internet